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The military facility we know as Birkenfeld Air Base was first established by the German Army (Wehrmacht) as an anti-aircraft artillery battery (AAA) in 1938.


German Army soldiers of the 4th

Anti-Aircraft Battery, Regiment 22 (Berlin) arrived in Birkenfeld/Nahe, located in the Hunsruck Mountains, during June, 1938.


The unit was comprised of approximately 200 men and 50 vehicles. In 1939, the AAA

Battery was redesignated the 5th Battery, 32nd Anti-Aircraft Regiment.


It has been stated that the Base also served as a German Army hospital before the end of World War II, but this cannot be confirmed and is openly disputed by some Birkenfelders.


The Base facility is located on the outskirts of the town of Birkenfeld/Nahe, Rheinland-Pfalz, which was in the French Zone of occupied Germany after World War II.

It was controlled by a French Army garrison and French troops were billeted there.


The Base, and several Tech Site locations, was turned over to advance elements of the U. S. Air Force during the summer and fall of 1948.

602nd AC&W Squadron


7424th SUPPRON

615th AC&W Squadron

History of Birkenfeld Airbase before USAF